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The Antex CS18 soldering iron is ideal for miniature precision soldering. 

£40.88 (inc vat)


  • Nominal Power - 18 watts
  • 12V, 24V, & 230V versions are available
  • Supplied with long-life iron plated bit
  • Antex 1100 bit is fitted to this iron (2.3mm)
  • Use 1100 series replacement bits
  • An inner ceramic shaft provides near perfect insulation
  • A range of alternative sized bits are also available
  • All irons are available with the option of a burn-proof silicone cable. Ideally suited to educational environments
  • Supplied complete with 2.3mm bit, 1.5m of cable and full instructions
  • CE marked
  • Soldering iron stands are available separately


Product Description Price (inc vat)
S482470 CS18 230V PVC cable, British Plug £40.88
S473470 CS18 230V PVC cable, European Plug £40.88
S48J470 CS18 230V Silicone cable, British Plug £43.90
S48E470 CS18 230V Silicone cable, European Plug £43.90
B110060 Replacement #1100 bit for Antex CS18 iron £7.20
B110660 Replacement #1106 bit for Antex CS18 iron £7.20
B110770 Replacement #1107 bit for Antex CS18 iron £7.20
H8B0060 ST6A Precision stand for Antex CS18 iron £21.48
H400020 ST4 Stand for Antex CS18 iron £9.73

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