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Soldip MAX

The Antex Soldip Max is a convenient bench mountable solder pot suitable for use with lead-free solders in a small-medium production environment


£368.20 (inc vat)


  • Suitable for tinning component leads, wires, tags etc
  • Detachable tray surrounds crucible, retains excess dross when cleaning solder surface
  • Pot seated on ceramic and nylon base 120mm x 120mm with 4 holes, fixing centres 100mm x 100mm, for bench fixing
  • Heating element sets available separately
  • Operating temperature - 385°C 
  • Solder capacity - 140g
  • Power - 90 Watts
  • Supply - 230VAC
  • Crucible diameter - 39mm
  • Depth - 126mm


Product Description Price (inc vat)
CM82060 Soldip Max, 230V, British plug £368.20
CM83060 Soldip Max, 230V, European plug £368.20
EV80080 Replacement element set for Soldip MAX £81.50

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