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TC50A iron for use with *NEW STYLE* 660A, 690D, and 760RWK soldering stations.


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TC50 Iron for use with older Antex 660TC and TCSU-1 Soldering Stations.


Choose part number TL2K560 for *new* 2014 onwards manufactured 660A, 690D, & 760RWK stations.(TC50A iron)


Choose Part number TL2EJ70 for pre-2014 660TC and TCSU-1 stations.(TC50 iron)


1100 series bits can be used with both irons.


£64.67 (inc vat)


Product Description Price (inc vat)
TL2K560 TC50A iron for *new* 2014 manufactured 660A, 690D & 760RWK stations £64.67
TL2EJ70 TC50 iron for pre 2014 manufactured 660TC & TCSU-1 stations £64.67
B110060 Replacement #1100 bit for Antex TC50 iron £7.20
B110560 Replacement #1105 bit for Antex TC50 iron £7.20
B110660 Replacement #1106 bit for Antex TC50 iron £7.20
H8B0060 Replacement ST6A Precision stand for Antex TC50 iron £21.48

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