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CS18 Toolkit

An engineers toolkit featuring an Antex CS18 burn-proof silicone cabled iron, a variety of tools, and a digital multimeter. The tip fitted to the iron is a long life, iron plated Antex 1100 bit (2.3mm). Iron power is 18 watts. CE approved.


Please note that, under the Offensive Weapons Act 1996, this product cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.




  • Pair of mini cutters
  • Pair of mini pliers
  • Screwdriver - flat blade
  • Screwdriver - cross
  • Tape measure 2mtr x 16mm
  • Auto-lock blade
  • Hex Allen Key set 1.5mm-6mm
  • Desoldering pump
  • 2 meter tube of lead-free solder
  • Flat pack metal soldering iron stand
  • CS18 230V iron with silicone cable
  • Spare soldering bit 1100 2.3mm
  • Spare soldering bit 1105 0.5mm
  • Digital mulitimeter with battery
  • Weight - 860g
  • Dimensions - 285 x 180 x 50 mm

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