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Gascat 120 Toolkit

An engineers toolkit featuring an Antex Gascat 120 butane gas powered soldering iron, a variety of tools manufactured from high grade long lasting materials, complete with non-slip bi-material handles. Also includes a digital multimeter with leads. 

The tool provides excellent portability, lasting approximately 2 hours before requiring refilling. This is easily done in seconds with a standard butane gas lighter refill canister.

The temperature is adjustable on the body of the tool.

The tool can also be used for heatshrinking, and even as a hot knife for cutting plastics or sealing rope.






  • 115mm mini side cutters - C45 carbon steel
  • 115mm mini long nose pliers - C45 carbon steel
  • Screwdriver - Size: 3x75mm, Hardened Chrome Vadium steel - Magnetic tip
  • Screwdriver - Size: PH0x75mm, Hardened Chrome Vadium steel - Magnetic tip
  • Desoldering pump
  • 2 meter tube of lead-free solder
  • Gascat 120 iron with auto ignition
  • Gas soldering tip
  • Gas Flame tip
  • Hot Knife tip
  • Sponge tray
  • Digital mulitimeter
  • Weight - 850g
  • Dimensions - 300 x 180 x 50 mm

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